Lymphatic Rebounding Hazards: Don't buy until you read this.

When moving 4 teaspoons of lymph fluid per minute on a high repetition rebounder it can cause a lot of problems if not on a probiotic. Or if the person has a toxic liver it can cause problems too. Many people want to lose fat and end up bouncing on a rebounder and get very little results when doing it wrong. When the fat soluble oils that are being burned in the liver, they can leave ashes and residue, just like the ashes in a fireplace.

About 99% of the people that just bounce on a rebounder and don't know what they are doing don't get results. Many people know how to do it right but use the wrong rebounder that can't get the G force at the low amplitudes with high repetitive bounces.
The health bounce is when a rebounder gives just enough force to lift you barely above the mat for a split second without being in the airborne any longer than this. The fewer coils used in the spring the more responsive that will give higher G force lower to the mat so you don't have to jump so high and get fewer bounces per minute.
People are rebounding for years who think they are doing the Health Bounce correctly. These people jump and land on their toes just like they do when jumping rope. It's impossible to get the benefits everyone talks about when jumping wrong. The ballistic impact is dampened giving G force by not allowing you to jump high outside the mat. Landing on your toes defeats the entire purpose of rebounding doing the health bounce. It can feel unnatural to do the heal to toe rolling motion but it should come natural usually after a few sessions. 
The toxins that diffuse from the body by the lymphatic system in many toxic people are just dumping the waste into other eliminatory organs and the problem never gets resolved. The fat soluble toxins go from one eliminatory organ to the next. So stupid that these "know it all" people don't want advice and think that those teaching the Health bounce are gonna try to sell them something. Sure enough, these people stay swollen and never get the results that rebounding promises. So many people with fibromyalgia and inflammatory issues have told me how they have cleaned up their bodies. New people come to my site and don't even consider that they are not in the best health and just buy a rebounder and think they are going to get results they hear websites. They even buy a Cellerciser and don't even know how to do it. There have been so many people who want the most expensive and most commercial grade rebounder and think just by jumping and spending 30 minutes on the rebounder they can look for those results. I am not going to preach or try to offer advice... Just know that it's part of the responsibility of selling a rebounder to educate if someone wants it. I know that if I sell someone a rebounder and I don't explain how to do the health bounce, or tell them the detox issues to expect of moving too many teaspoons of lymphatic fluid in one session when just beginning, is just setting people up for failure. 

The people that bounce wrong get the rashes and bumpy skin on the back of their arms and they wonder why they suddenly got a rash. They then blame the rebounder. The sebum and toxins are released from the skin because the gut is so clogged up and their liver can't process the wastes. It really bugs me when rebounder companies don't educate people how how to use the rebounder and what they can expect based on their health conditions. It is my duty to educate people if I am going to be selling rebounders. 

The health bounce can be counter productive:
When many toxins are built up in the connective tissues, they can then goes back into the bloodstream and it then goes back into the fat cells. It's like a never ending circle for people that don't know what they are doing. Can somebody say "Detox!!!!!

Depending on the spring yield and tension, it will determine how much lymph fluid is flushed out
ONE TEASPOON of lymph per minute Typically. the cheap light weight non tiered spring that is found on the 50 dollar sporting good store brands. Just know that they can be jarring especailly since you have to jump about 4 times as long to get the same benefits as the rebounders designed for the Health Bounce. 80 minutes on these would probably equal about 15 to 20 minutes on the best one for your weight.

TWO TEASPOONS of lymph per minute These rebounder springs have a little more weight to them and are usually about 50 to 80 grams per spring, with more stretch. They can be still very jarring and don't give nearly 3 G force yet at amplitudes just above the mat. These typically double the session time to get the same amount of lymphatic flush that the best spring for your weight would give. There are only a few brands that have enough give to be able to give a good health bounce in this spring weight range. The Lymphaciser is one of the two.

THREE TEASPOONS of lymph per minute These rebounders typically have the springs that are 80 to 100 grams per spring. These springs are heavy enough to give the health bounce and the closer to 100 grams the more responsiveness they have and give more G force at the low amplitudes. This spring weight takes out most of the ballistic impact letting you bounce for longer session which doesn't hurt most people's knees or ankles. The closer to 100 grams the spring is the closer to 4 teaspoons of lymph fluid can be exchanged. The Needak spring is in this range.

FOUR TEASPOONS of lymph per minute These are typically the rebounder springs that are tiered at the end that gently adjust in tension to taper off to give that pop at the acceleration during the bounce. These are the rebounder springs that are known for moving 4 tea spoons of lymph per minute. These are typically over 100 grams per spring. These rebounder springs cut down rebounding time as you get more cumulative G force over a shorter period of time with the highest repetition of bounces per minutes. The rebounder springs like these gently pop you up just above the mat instead of throwing you higher above the mat to get the same G force. These give the most bounces per minute of all springs. The Cellerciser is the model that has the heaviest spring and fits this range.
Not correct!
When lymphatic fluid is not flushed, the toxins can build up in the chin just like in these pictures. Rebounding when doing the Health Bounce is one of the best ways to get enough flushes so the body won't swell and hold inflammation. 
If the body is not adapted yet to moving 4 teaspoons of lymph per minute, it's best to either cut down the session time or bounce with lower intensity. Please take an aggressive probiotic if you need one to help assimilate the lymphatic ash burned from the liver.
Ways to get the most out of doing the Health Bounce:
Dry skin brushing, 3 to 4 minutes before rebounding. By doing this before the session it can help loosen up the lymph capillaries under the skin. Getting rid of the dead skin especially if doing a long session can help stimulate the vessels under the skin and if sweating doing cardio bouncing too. By dry skin brushing to prep the body for a rebound session has made a difference in most people trying to detox. See my detox page.

The cleansing process from not doing the Health Bounce correctly is decreased significantly when the repetition count is slowed down. The rebounders we've chosen as our favorites have the highest repetition rate and keep you lowest to the mat with the least inversion and jarring.

There has to be enough pressure from enough g force exerted on the lymphatic system when accelerating off from the mat. If the "pop" is too hard it will jar most people even though it creates enough G force. If it throws you up too slow, it usually won't activate the valves in the lymphatic valves enough to force fluid in and out of the cell. A bungee rebounder is an example of this. It does however, activate the lymphatic capillaries underneath the skin but is probably not forceful enough to pump the lymph through the bigger lymph valves.

The rebounders that are not designed for the health bounce will still move lymph. It's just a matter of if it can move 4 teaspoons of fluid per minute or much less. The best rebounders can speed up the the lymph movement as much as 300% as other rebounders. A good rebounding session can cleanse the entire lymphatic system. After the session, there needs to be enough time for the wastes to be processed in the body before the next session. Many people think they can just jump for an hour. Most of the time, the body cannot handle all the lymphatic flush all in one session.
Sludge blood is when the blood cannot hold its oxygen. Most low energy people have sludge blood.
The Cellerciser is the itchiest rebounder.
Yes, it can make you itch like mosquitos biting you all over.
Call me to make sure this doesn't happen to you.
Warning: The Health bounce on the Cellerciser, moving about 4 teaspoons of lymph (lymph turns) per minute and breaking up circulation blockages doing the Health Bounce needs to be done with caution. Please call if you are concerned about this.
I always try to make sure that I never land on my toes. The reason to land on the heals is to get the G force to break open blockages. The Cellerciser keeps the feet the closest to the mat with the least airborne time which stops the negative pressure which can slow lymph drainage.
Warning: The Health Bounce can make many people itch, I mean to the point that you want to put some anti-itch cream on your legs to avoid scratching. 80% of the lymphatic vessels are in our legs. I do not recommend toxic people rebound more than 2 minutes at a time until the lymph can drain until the next session. 
Real reasons to rebound!
Get the toxins out of the blood stream. If someone's tongue is coated white, they probably need to detox. (Go look in the mirror and see if your tongue is white).

Many people are losing weight by releasing the acidity that their fat is holding, not just by burning calories, but by draining the body slowly and safely to release the stored up toxins carried in the lymph to the liver. The blood will have a hard time delivering nutrients to the cells if the watery part of the blood, the lymph, has tons of waste matter in it. This fluid in most people is very toxic.

The lymph from the lymph vessels in the legs and arms get filled with the protein filled lymph. The digestive system can make a cloudy fatty, sluggish lymph if not drained properly. The lymph cells in the bones and spleen can't move the white blood cells if they are clogged. The lymph system can just get thicker fat soluble toxins that have no wear to go and instead of staying in the fat where they just were, now the body is even more sluggish.

Why are people fat? 
If people are acidic from the toxins that are being stored in the fat, the lymph valves can't drain the excess fat out and it makes the fat cells in the body swell up which makes people look fat. If people try to exercise and burn that fat and their body is storing it can try to fight you even more. There is no reason for people to be bloated like this. The cellulite on people is simply the body being swollen from fat soluble toxins. This is when you see the toxins making the skin layers swollen (cellulite).

A rebounder that gives too little G force can have a hard time squeezing out the fat soluble wastes just as much as a rebounder that is too firm that doesn't give the lymphatic vessels enough time to squeeze and drain the debris out. Many people rebound with way too little "against gravity while the cheap rebounders with not enough deceleration giving the gradual squeeze with the right g force, the lymphatic system is barely getting drained. If too much ballistic impact is relieved, such as with a spring that is too soft, the body can fill up with lactic acid and the lymphatic system will get backed up from excess lymphatic fluid. Notice people that are always working out from exercise that does not involve the up and down motion and see how puffy and swollen they are. I can always pick out a fit person from caloric burning exercises from the puffiness under their chin, which is the calcification and fibrin and globulin. That's a red flag that they are burning calories without pumping the lymphatic system equally enough to rid the lactic acids and toxins created.

I give as much as I can back to those that buy from me, usually just enough to keep my website up.
Thanks for supporting my site if I have helped. I genuinely want to help people feel better. I really do. And most of all, I am not a salesperson.
Most people buying an expensive rebounder are usually trying to move lymph. Restorative rebounding is not the same thing as getting on a rebounder and jogging or just jumping high like you would on a bungee although I have one and its is the most fun thing I own, but doing all the toning exercises to build muscle strength and cardiovascular strength is one thing, while detox is something that it is really hard to get the right rebounder the first time. I do not alway recommend the Cellerciser although that is the best rebounder for most of the people. Sometimes the Lymphaciser is what I recommend and I know its not a fun rebounder. 

If you only care about lymph movement and are only doing the "health bounce" you do not need the bar necessarily. It does help to land 90% of your weight on your heels but not having it lets you maybe land about 70% of your weight on your heels. If you want to do the toning exercises you will want the bar later. The bar helps but is not mandatory to do the Health bounce correctly.

For restorative rebounding, I rebound at least till I get 10,000 bounces per day. It can be in one shot (considering if my body can handle it) or it can be done in multiple sessions throughout the day. Rebounding for 30 minutes straight or doing it 5 minutes 4 times a day is not the same. Two 15 minute sessions is better than one 30 minute rebounding session. Three 10 minute sessions would be even better.

I urge people to make sure they familiarize themselves with restoring the minerals,  as you deplete toxins and eliminate them. You might also be eliminating just as many good minerals along with the bad toxins. If you are trying to build bone density, don't just think that bone building minerals will magically appear and you'll suddenly get bone density. Most people think that just bouncing alone will build bone density. If done right it can help but not the way most people do it landing on their toes first.
The best rebounder someone can get based on their weight and any kind of joint problem they may have should give the most flushing of the lymph per minute. You can always get a rebounder that has a high flushing capacity and jump less time but if you get a rebounder that does not give you enough G force without leaving the mat you can't really fix it. The gelatinous earthy deposits that the lymph capillaries picks up dumps into the liver to then be processed in the gut (I assume people have a low amount of probiotic bacteria in their gut when first starting).  A sluggish lymphatic system keeps these wastes in the body much longer. Most people with a sluggish lymphatic system have very tight muscles and are rarely flexible. Their joints are more solidified and their bones are very rigid from the ossification. Rebounding has helped me lower the density (weight) of these joints so they don't ache. Yielding organs that are elastic and free of toxins are usually the result.
What is this 4 teaspoons of lymphatic fluid that doing the health bounce can move. 
The toxic wastes that cause inflammation can get pulled right back into the lymph to be removed again an again. The lymph vessels have one way valves lined up the entire vessel system which at the bottom of the bounce they close and at the top of the bounce they open up and let fresh fluid in. Having a the right rebounder creates this milking motion so a hydraulic pump is created (negative pressure). Jumping high and staying airborne most of the time only stops the flow as there is no G force while being airborne. Once the valves are closed just being airborne is not productive (unless doing toning exercises). Many people are jumping really high and it is not their fault since no one has told them the correct way to do the health bounce. Many people jump and land with their toes first absorbing the g force. This can work the muscles but doesn't let the body absorb the g force. To get the right rebounder it helpful to know your weight, how many bounces per minute you can handle and how much lymph fluid your body can drain without jarring or detox symptoms.

​If you are buying a rebounder for lymphatic purposes, see my page on Lymphatic rebounding.
Note: the body when it has inflammation usually has a yellowish thick lymph clogged thoughout the lymph nodes.
Thick lymph fluid can be the reason why we are tired all the time. The fluid is so toxic because there is so much toxic fluid in the cells that the lymph cannot pick up so the cells get very little oxygen.

When the lymph nodes are clogged, it will be very hard to move lymph no matter how long a person does the Health Bounce. I strongly recommend a liver flush for some people. 

We are not water mammals!
Most people now think that to hydrate the body they need more water. Wrong??? Have you ever went into a hottub and when you get out your skin is all shrunken up? This is because this excess water with a lack of oxygen makes this happen. When we drink too much water, this actually can cause inflammation from the excess water in the body and can water log the body so it cannot get enough oxygen. Many people have wrinkles even though they drink lots of water. Why?  Because when their is excess fluid in the body, the cells can shrivel up just like in the hot tub example. Our body dehydrates the more we drink!!!!! This totally can screw up the sodium potassium pump and the ratio of the minerals to water in our body is diminished. 
The body will have a hard time creating enough energy when it's water logged. The subtle bouncing when barely leaving the mat appears to make us water absorbent so we don't have to bloat ourselves with so much water. When a persons cells are oxygenated, and less water logged, is when I get feedback on how people that rebound their skin clears up. The craziest thing is that the people that are the most inflamed do exercises that just try to burn calories. They also give the body no g forces or any mimic of nature to excite the one way valves to drain the lymph.
How come people have swollen glands?
This is usually when the lymphatic system cannot filter and purify the lymph fluid containing bacteria and wastes that eventually get dumped right back into the bloodstream. (An aggressive probiotic should help process this lymph so it doesn't get dumped back into the body). Different rebounders ca flush the body at different levels. If you cannot tolerate lymphatic flow at 4 teaspoons a minute, you can either bounce with less force or get a different rebounder that doesn't have as many g forces that you can go 10 minutes without such a heavy lymphatic flush. Most people first starting out can only tolerate 2 to 3 minutes at a time on a rebounder that flushes at 4 teaspoons a minute. The body can only process so much lymph drainage at a time when the body is toxic. Dislodging too many poisons too fast in someone that is already loaded with blood poisons and fibrin levels triple or quadruple the amount of normal levels usually go in a cleansing reaction if they don't know what to do before rebounding. I am not trying to scare or spook anyone but it is what it is. Rebounding and taking metabolic enzymes, the proteolytic type (protein eating), is what many people that rebound every day have told me has helped them. These are not those digestive enzymes, they are the more expensive systemic enzymes that dissolve fibrin from the body that is in the wrong place. Everyone that takes these has told me it makes them more flexible and takes all their stiffness out. The way I have learned it moved by by simply bouncing up and down just enough to go airborne so that the flow of lymph can be activated. I definitely feel more oxygenated after rebounding when I land on my heal first. 
#1 Rule of Rebounding
for lymphatic rebounding

Always land on heels and roll to toe.
This can only be done with a minimal initial tension based on your weight.
Note: Rebounders that cone in (or invert your ankles inward) too much with a heavier person, can require a person jump with their legs closer to the edge of the mat. Bouncing with my legs at an angle constantly puts stress on the ankles especially when landing on your heels first with your legs not as straight. It hurts even more when bouncing in the middle of the mat when the feet cock in with every bounce. Its hard to focus on the Health bounce when constantly trying to avoid painful foot positions, even on a soft rebounder. The jarring is not there but the inversion is worse for many. A good rebounder to do the health bounce should never make you jump with your feet at shoulders width. The Cellerciser and Lymphaciser are 2 of the few rebounders that don't cause this. Rebound Air is the third best if comparing how close you can jump in the middle.
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